Monday, February 27, 2012

Where's My Hair?

I tend to be incredibly irrational when it comes to my hair.
I get long, pretty hair in the summertime
but it's too hot on my neck
and I end up cutting it all off
juuuuuuust in time for the harsh Minnesota winters. 
Smart, Michelle.

And then, all winter long, I'm whining and complaining about how much I miss my hair.
I always do this.
Every. Single. Year.
But I never learn.

I ended up having to get extensions for my wedding.
At first, I loved them.
But, it was too much length
way too fast.
So, after a few weeks, it began to drive me insane.
But I had to suck it up because I paid a good $80 for them to be put in
and I wanted my hair to look stellar for the wedding.

After the reception
Nick and I came home to our brand new apartment.
And before I even let him kiss me
I locked myself in the bathroom
and spent a good hour taking out those blasted extensions. 

Two days later, I cut my hair into an a-line bob.
Which looked really cute
for a while.
But the back of my hair ends right at the nape of my neck
and the front comes just a bit below my shoulders.
It's too short.

So, here's my plan for the remainder of my pregnancy:

1. Absolutely no heat styling of any kind.
2. No more using tight, rubber elastics to hold back my hair.
3. Trim hair as soon as possible to ensure maximum health.
4. Exercise regularly and increase protein as well as vitamin c in my diet.
5. NO brushing my hair while it's wet. [Combs only!]

By the time Alexa is born in July, my goal is to have my bangs grown out, and my hair grown out to my chest.
This may or may not happen
but I think eliminating heat from my regimen will help a lot.

Inspiration for this drastic change has come from Annelise over at Bye Bye Beehive

Bye Bye Beehive


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  1. it's really difficult to keep your hair healthy.
    great post!


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