Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Food for Thought

Anyone who knows me
knows that I am in love with music.
I love listening to it
making it
and letting it carry me through boring long car rides.

So, here I sit.
Listening to the Disney station on Pandora
and wondering if life can possibly get any better.
Hakuna Matata.

Music really does have an adverse effect on our lives.
Our moods.
You've all seen the pictures like the one above.
One plant is grown "listening" to only rock music.
The other - classical.

Now, don't get me wrong,
I love rock.
But sometimes I'm just not in that kind of mood.
Hence my Disney music now.

But, does that mean that if we listen to a specific kind of music-
rock, for example-
are we going to wither and die?
Of course not.
But it does affect our mood
and our actions throughout the day.

Just some food for thought.

Pregnancy update:

I can FINALLY feel the baby move!
Although, sometimes she moves in such a way that it's incredibly painful.
What the heck is she doing in there?

I'm having trouble sleeping, though.
Well, no.
I'm having trouble staying asleep.
I can fall asleep whenever I want.
Sometimes at the most inopportune moments.
I'm really not inconsiderate.
Just pregnant.

I'm incredibly forgetful, too.
Like, I forget to shower.
How does that even happen?
I forget to put on a bra before I leave the house.
I almost forgot my money when I was going out to buy groceries.

Pregnancy kinda sucks, huh?

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