Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Pregnant Exercise

I like love kickboxing.
Love actually might not be a strong enough word. 
But, you get the point. 

Before I became pregnant, I was literally kickboxing every day.
And after I found out I was pregnant, I was like, 
"No! Can I still kickbox?"

During my first trimester, I had hardly any ZERO energy.
...my poor husband...
But now that the second trimester has shown up, my energy levels are rising, and I'm back to exercising.

I feel so much better after a good workout. [Especially kickboxing.]
And the fact that I can open the window after I'm done is an enormous plus.

Side note: This winter is awesome.

Granted, I don't push myself nearly as hard as I did before I became pregnant.
I don't jump around.
At all.
And sometimes I skip a day altogether.
But that's okay. 
Women who exercise during pregnancy are more in tune with their bodies
and they can tell when it's time to give it a rest.

On an unrelated note:
My thumbnail broke today.
Now it's all stubby again.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Preconceived Notions

January has been the longest month of my LIFE.
Okay, so I exaggerate. I have a bad habit of doing that.
But seriously.
I have been waiting for February 17th
since January 3rd...
Because at 8:30 that morning,
we will find out the gender of our baby.


It seems like all of my (female) Facebook friends are pregnant.
And they all seem to know what they're having.
Even as I sit here writing this, I've chewed on my bottom lip to the point that I think it's bleeding now.


I think I already know what it is.

I've had a few dreams about the baby.
And the name that we've picked out for that gender keeps popping into my head. [We have names for both picked out already.]

I'm not going to say what I think it is
because I don't want to jinx it
and sound really dumb later.

But I hope I'm right.
Are mothers really that intuitive?
Is the reason for my constant headaches because I'm actually growing eyes in the back of my head?

That'd be sweet.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Gratitude plus Anxiety

It's kinda really late.
Well, late for me, anyway.
Nick is still working and I can't fall asleep when he's not here.
I blame my mother for that.

I remember countless nights in high school (and even some in college) where my curfew would be significantly earlier than my friend's because my mom simply can't go to bed without everyone in the house who is supposed to be there. It used to infuriate me. 

"Mom! WHY can't you just go to bed anyway?"

She would just sigh and tell me that she worries. 
The end.
No more discussion.
Be home at 10.

Now I understand, though.
I understand what it's like to worry your brains out while someone you desperately love is out doing who-knows-what at this ridiculous hour of the night. 
I understand the tossing and turning when you just can't keep your eyes open any longer, but sleep still eludes you.

I understand.
Thanks, mom.

On a different note, I worked out today! 
Kind of.
Okay, so it wasn't very intense. But it isn't supposed to be when you're pregnant. Right?
I still broke a sweat, though.
And I downed, like, three glasses of water.
In half an hour.
Then I stretched for 10 minutes.
And watched a movie.

Okay, so it's not perfect. But at least it's a start. I have seriously hated not having ANY energy whatsoever, and I relished the feeling of sweating today. 

Hopefully I can do it again tomorrow.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Cutesy Do-Dads and Such

In an attempt to make my blog "prettier", I've done some serious revamping to the background and color scheme. There are a LOT of cutesy things to do but it takes...

  1. Time/Patience
  2. Money
  3. Effort

In essence, precious things that I simply lack today. 

So, here's a post simply to show off my signature that took me a good half hour to make. Enjoy.

Saturday, January 21, 2012


Nick and I watched a movie today called, "Motherhood." We thought it would be funny.

It wasn't.

It was actually very depressing and we both thought the main character got way too worked up over things. She blogged incessantly about personal things and rambled on and on about how she wants to do something with her life besides change diapers and plan birthday parties.

Needless to say, we didn't enjoy the movie.

It actually kind of worried me. Are people (mothers, actually) going to give me their advice or opinion whether I want it or not? Are people going to tell me that I'm "brave" for living the way that I do? Good grief! I shudder to think what kind of venom would spew from my lips if I encountered people like that.

At any rate, there's not much in the line of updates. After the movie, Nick fell asleep briefly. I watched him for a bit and decided that he's always handsome - without even trying. It's kind of disgusting. So, consequently, I stopped watching him and tried to do something with my hair.

It didn't work.

So, here I sit. Pajamas on my butt and my shirt pulled off of my belly. I. Look. Glamorous.

Thursday, January 19, 2012


I'm just gonna say something here...
The new blogger layout is weird.

Okay. It seems I'm a super winner and I completely forgot what my login information was to my brand-spankin' new blog. Oh well. This one is prettier, and Blogger is a lot easier to manage anyway.


I'm going to be doing something different. Something that I [should] have been doing this whole time, but I felt and looked way too crappy to do so. I'm going to be posting pictures of my baby bump. Every week. 
*Especially since now I actually LOOK pregnant, instead of just pudgy.

That's about it for now. I have an interview at the library tomorrow so, please, wish me luck.

15 Weeks

No-Poo equals Curly Q

Anyone who knows me knows that I have naturally curly hair. They also know that I LOVE it. Anyone who knows my husband knows that he thinks curly hair is incredibly sexy. I love the rain and the humidity because my hair loves it, too. However, recently my hair has been… wilting. It has made me sad, and my husband sadder. What to do?
Ah-HA! I’ve been reading up on how to care for my curls and I came across this link: http://www.wikihow.com/Follow-the-Curly-Girl-Method-for-Curly-Hair I was blown away! I would have never thought that shampoo and towels were the culprits to my wilted mane. So, I decided to try the “No-Poo” method. I’ll admit, I was a little nervous because the article said that it may take a few WEEKS for my hair to adjust and that it may actually look worse. ACK!
So far, so good. My hair appears bouncy and not as greasy as I had imagined. I do need to look for some better gel, though.
Tip: Spray gel is not your friend.

Here's the thing...

I've forgotten the login information of my blog! ACK! Luckily, I remembered that I had this one all pretty and set up already, so I just copied and pasted my previous posts in here. kthx.
So, needless to say, I will try again. This post will probably be much more abridged, however considering my waning patience with backlit objects. (i.e. My laptop)

This blog serves the purpose of my journal this year. My husband, Nick, is constantly asking me to write in a journal before I go to bed, so I created this to prove to him as well as to myself that I can and will write at least three times a week for the entire year of 2012. (At least until our world as we know it comes to a screeching halt.)

Now is the part where I indulge you on who I am. Buckle up.

My name is Michelle. I am very, VERY small in height, but becoming more pronounced in width considering I am in the process of creating our first child. I am named after my father. After marrying my husband, I not only changed my last name, but I gave myself a middle name as well – my mother’s first name.

Physically, I am nothing special. I have blonde, curly hair that usually does what it wants. However, because I’m irrational and chopped off a good six inches after my wedding, my hair doesn’t curl properly anymore. This saddens me. My eyes are a grayish/greenish/blue. They change color according to who knows what, and look much better with a bit of mascara. I do not paint my fingernails. Although I may start now that I am overcoming my addiction to biting them. It always looked so odd with little blobs of red or pink dotting the end of my fingers. But, now that it’s quite obvious that those things on the end of my fingers are indeed nails, I may like to liven up my phalanges from time to time. I haven’t decided, but I will keep you posted.

I am deeply in love with my husband. We met when we were 14 and became instant friends. Years later, at 18, we went on a few dates before he left for his two year mission to Chihuahua, Mexico. While he was gone, I was married and shortly divorced. That time left me broken and unsure if I would ever find real love. I do not regret it, however. That experience molded me into the person that Nick needed after he returned in November of 2010. We began officially dating December 19, 2010, were engaged on July 4, 2011 and married October 15 of that same year. It’s been a wonderful ride, and I cherish every day that I am blessed to wake up next to such a valiant servant of the Lord.

I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I have been for my entire life. I am extremely proud of my religion and am excited to teach my little one about the Gospel when he or she arrives. I am fully convinced I am cooking a future apostle. One day, Nick and I hope to be the Mission President (and President’s wife) of one of the hundreds of missions the Church has to offer.

Whelp… that’s pretty much it. I am who I am, and I will see you again sometime this week.