Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Promoting Myself Shamelessly

I'm pretty proud of myself.
Last night and this morning, I created three grab buttons to help promote my blog.
They're kind of really cute if I do say so myself.
So, if you feel so inclined
and you like what you're reading thus far
grab a button
and stick it on your blog.

On another note:
I'm getting more and more pregnant with each passing day.
My belly button is becoming shallower.
More shallow?
Regardless, it's going to pop out soon.
My father likened me unto a turkey timer last night.
Thanks, dad.

I don't have any recent pictures of my belly right now.
I tried to take some a few days ago
but I looked awful.
And it's my prerogative
not to post them.
So, na na na na na.

I saw this really great recipe the other day for chocolate chip lava cookies.
They looked divine.
But I don't have the stuff to make them!
And I think I might die.

Okay, so I jest.
But seriously.
Don't they look good?

I'm trying to expand my repertoire of things I can cook and/or bake.
So far it's not going so well.
I think it's because my back hurts when I stand up.
Or because I'm just too tired to care.
I'll just have macaroni and cheese, thanks.

Pass the salt?

What  do y'all think of the new header? Should I keep it, or go back to the old one?

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