Saturday, February 4, 2012


So, check this out.
I found an old blog of mine
and discovered this post dated
March 28, 2008.

Nick got back from D.C. about two weeks ago. We had a date the Wednesday after he returned. It was really great. The movie (Fear Dot Com) wasn't as scary as I had always anticipated. Actually, it wasn't scary at all. I was pretty disappointed. I only screamed once, and it was because some dead chick moved and I wasn't expecting it. I had gotten a scary movie in hopes of doing the "fear cuddle" thing. Pathetic, I know. But Beth agreed with my methods of "planning ahead." It worked, regardless. About halfway through the movie, I noticed his hand inching over ever so slightly. I smiled to myself, and started doing the same. Guys are so oblivious. By the time he caught on, our hands were practically on top of each other. 

This past Wednesday we had another date. Well... a mini date. He showed up at the theatre a little bit before I got off work. About fifteen minutes, actually. He just stood there staring at the wall. It was pretty funny, really. After I got off, we drove around for a bit just talking about random things, then we went to Wal-Mart for a small adventure. We walked around the store once, and on our second trip around we ended up in the toy department. We discussed old board games for a while, and decided that when we had money, we'd go back and buy Apples to Apples. Such fun. :)

When we finally made it back to the movie theatre (we had taken my car and left his in the parking lot) we turned on the radio and discovered that "Low" was playing. After celebrating a bit, we danced like idiots with our seatbelts still buckled and laughed at how funny it sounded to rapidly change stations. Eventually, after about an hour of joking around, his hand found mine. I tried not to smile like a fool, but apparently I failed. Embarrassed, I tried to take the focus off me, and attempted to give him a wet willy. THAT war went on for a good five minutes, and he eventually tried to forego wetting his finger and just put his tongue in my ear instead. That's gross, so I didn't let him. But during our battle, we had gotten uncommonly close. Our fingers tightened around each other as his lips made their way toward mine. 

Then he kissed me. And I'll be honest with you... I've never been kissed like that. I don't even know what was so different about it, but I find my thoughts on that kiss when I allow my mind to wander. After all was said and done, I asked him what he was thinking. 

He said, "That took four years..."

Nick and I really enjoyed reading that. Afterward, he promptly gave me a wet willy.

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  1. I want to think I'm partially responsible for all this happiness. :)


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