About Me

Well, to get the ball rolling, my name is Michelle. 
It's nice to meet you!
This is the part where I tell you about myself.

I have never been able to use the term "born and raised" to define myself. We moved around a lot when I was a kid. I actually really liked moving. It gave me a chance to reinvent myself. As soon as we walked in the door of our new home, I could be whoever I wanted. I thought that was pretty awesome.

We finally landed in Minnesota just after I turned 12. We have been here the longest out of all the places that we've lived. [11 years!] I've grown to love this place. I love the summers, especially. To me, there is nothing more beautiful than a Minnesota summer.

I have been a runner for most of my life. I've never been very good, mind you. But I've always found a certain peace in it. [It's a heckuva lot cheaper than therapy.] I love love LOVE exercising. Er... rather, I love how I feel when I'm finished. I love that "HECK YES" feeling that I get. I have matured in my fitness goals over the years. Now, instead of striving to be skinny, I only wish to be strong. And, I mean that in all forms of the word. Strong body. Strong mind. Strong willed. Strong heart.

I have this irrational dislike for feet. They are hideously disgusting. My husband is the only one on the planet who is allowed to touch my feet. It takes a lot of my willpower, but I will sometimes touch his feet. I mean, if he's really nice to me.

Let's condense this, shall we?

Likes: Music of any kind. The color yellow. Waking up with the sun. Running. Exercising in general. Summertime. Baby laughter. Laughter in general. Smiling. Being outside. Peanut butter. Heath bars. The Game of Life. Water. Dimples. Supernatural. Noodles. Trail mix. The smell of sawdust. Starbursts. Pink lemonade. Cereal.

Dislikes: Smoking. Know-it-alls. Wearing coats. Suuuuuuper windy days. Chapped lips. The smell of eggs. Calling people. Profanity. Saggy pants. Facebook status updates that are more like journal entries. Slow walkers. When people say, "WOW you're short" when they meet me. Doing the dishes. Folding laundry.

Fears: Needles. Water above my shoulders. The dark (seriously). Droppy rides at amusement parks. Large swarms of birds. Watching the people I love die. Tornadoes.

I am a simply complex person. I'm an introverted extrovert. I am a yellow. I am really, really short.

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