30 Before 30

1. Run an entire 5K
2. Have at least 2 more kids.
3. Own our own home.
4. Get a Husky.
5. Run an entire 10K
6. Learn to swim.
7. Go hunting.
8. Run a half marathon.
9. Read the entire Standard Works at least twice.
10. Run a marathon.
11. Become a Physical Therapist.
12. Learn to make my own clothes.
13. Teach Nick to drive a manual.
14. Have decent abs at least once in my life.
15. Win a game of chess against Nick.
16. Get my permit to carry.
17. Sing in an opera house.
18. Learn Krav Maga or Ninjutsu.
19. Become fluent in Spanish.
20. Climb a mountain.
21. Forever stop biting my nails.
22. Learn to cook without recipes.
23. See Aerosmith in concert.
24. Go camping with my family.
25. Learn to write legibly with my right hand.
26. Have my own car.
27. Check out 30 library book and leave a note inside each one.
28. Complete the Insanity workouts at least twice.
29. Drink 8 glasses of water a day for a month.
30. Learn to shoot a bow and arrow.

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