Thursday, February 23, 2012

Thursday 13

So, I've decided to link up with aunieSAUCE and participate in the
Thursday 13 every week.

This week it's

The Last Thing I...

1. Ate: A mini Gummi Bear from my secret stash.

2. Listened to: "Thunder" by Boys Like Girls

3. Watched: "Sympathy for the Devil" on Supernatural season 5

4. Purchased: Water and a "How-To" book on crochet.

5. Wore: I'm pretty comfy today in my sweats and a t-shirt my parents got me from Mexico.

6. Thought: "I wonder if I ever creep into his head at random times, too. Probably not, though. It's probably just pregnancy hormones, anyway."

7. Drank: Some yummy milk. I have to drink, like, a gallon a week or something ridiculous like that. WIC has me buying 4-5 gallons a MONTH.

8. Wanted to buy: Some super cute leggings and top from Motherhood Maternity.

9. Prayed for: My baby. I want so badly for her to be healthy and strong when she is born.

10. Painted on my nails: I don't paint my fingernails. They're too stubby for that. But I just redid my toenails a lovely shade of orange-y pink.

11. Craved: Doughnuts. I want them so bad I would probably punch someone if I saw them eating one. Does that make me a bad person?

12. Wished for: Summertime. I miss it SO MUCH. If there's one thing I cannot stand, it's being cold.

...and coats. I don't like wearing them.

13. Laughed at: This picture. Right here.

Because it's true.

Aunie Sauce


  1. Loving your list! Such a simple thing to hope that your baby is healthy. I remember thinking that same thing when I was pregnant. It's a constant fear until you see them and they're perfect!

    Thanks for linking up sweet girl!

    1. No problemo. It's a great idea when you've got blogger's block. :) I look forward to next week's topic. :)

  2. I also hate coats...but I've been lucky and the weather hasn't been too cold, even though I live in NY. And there's nothing wrong with a secret gummi bear stash :)


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