OMGrapefruit - I would imagine this to be pretty self explanatory. I believe in "heck" so I don't say "gosh."

Sassy Pants - Being completely and totally rude while maintaining a smile.

Oopsie Doodle - Generally, something I say when I make a humongous mistake. Like, a mistake so huge that saying something like "oopsie doodle" is as absurd as the mistake itself.

Awesomepants -  Awesome. Cool. Rad. Tubular. Righteous. The best ever.

Lovekins - My husbandpants.

Jerkhole - Somewhere between a jerk and a you-know-what hole.

Grumpkins - My baby. Most of the time she's super sweet and cuddly. But, when she's grumpy, she's grumpy.

The Look - The Silent Dare. That knowing look you give when you just know someone's about to do something stupid. You know this look even better if you've been on the receiving end a lot.

The Church is true! - Along the same lines as "hooray" or "OMGrapefruit! I'm so happy!"

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