Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Crazy, Beautiful Life

I've been a bit MIA haven't I?
I'm sorry.
We FINALLY moved on Friday
to our new home in Glencoe.
We were so excited!

But, with every move
comes the unpleasant task of 
Needless to say...
my back hurts.
A lot.
And we JUST got internet, like,
ten minutes ago.
See how important you are to me?

I'm afraid I don't have any pictures of our new place just yet.
I want to make sure it's set up all pretty
before I go around and show the world.


I'm happy to announce that I have FINALLY 
started my nesting process!
It was so much fun
to hang her name on the wall.

Afterward, I just sat there.
I was trying to imagine her there
in her crib.
I wish I could see her face.
I wish I could even imagine her face.

It seems to bizarre to me that I'm having a baby.
I mean, I can't be 22.
Can I?
Am I REALLY pregnant?
Maybe I'm just fat.
No, wait.
My fat just moved.
And why do I have to go to the bathroom all the time?!
I must really be pregnant.

Nick and I love it here.
We love our house.
We love our church.
We love the town.
It's so incredible that we've found this place.
It kind of fell into our lap, really.
A definite slap in the face.
"You need to go here."

I promise I'll post pictures soon!
Happy Tuesday!


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