Thursday, April 5, 2012

Thursday 13

I'm so glad to be back to a 
routined life.
Well, I'm at least glad that I have enough time to blog
and to participate in the Thursday 13.
Seriously, my FAVE link up.
Thanks, Aunie!

ANYwho, this week is a super upbeat and cheery topic. 
I love it!

13 Things People Do That I Love

1. Smile. Seriously. How much brighter would the world be if everyone smiled more? Why are people so grumpy all. the. time?

2. Hold the door open. Nick does this for me all the time! He's such a gentleman. What's weird is when he does it for someone else, and they act genuinely surprised. How sad!

3. Adopt an animal. Now, I'm a dog person, myself. But the kitties need love, too. Sometimes I'll go to the animal shelter just to play with them for a bit. But, then I feel just awful when I can't bring any of them home with me. (However, we're ALLOWED to have puppies in our new home! YAY!) I'm sure they appreciate the playtime, though.

4. Give a compliment to a stranger. I've always felt kind of awkward talking to people I don't know. But when I see that they're wearing an awesome shirt, or their hair looks super cute, I've just gotta tell them. I mean, people give me compliments, too! (Although nobody's actually said, "You're glowing" yet. Haha.)

5. Offer hugs. I remember when I was living in California. I seriously had, like, two friends. When my divorce was made public and I was packing up my life to move back in with my parents, love was FLOODING in. People that I had talked to once were coming up to me and hugging me. Or making me dinner. Or just letting me cry on them. 

6. When someone says, "I appreciate________ that you did." That's what gets me the most. I NEED to feel appreciated. Because of my depression, I often get down on myself and feel like I'm not really contributing anything good to the world. So when Nick or anyone else tells me that I've done something awesome and they approve, I feel like I could fly. Seriously.

7. Just a phone call...  If I'm going through a hard time with something, I love it when people think about me and shoot me a text or call me just to see how I'm doing. It's just so considerate, and it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.

8. Say "excuse me." Too often, people are so concerned with their own lives, that they neglect to notice that they're being rude. So, it just makes my day when people take notice and say, "Oh, excuse me!" 

9. Comments! I love knowing that people read my blog and enjoy it. It makes me smile.

10. I love when people shovel the snow of their neighbors driveway just because. THAT is an amazing surprise to wake up to the morning after a snowstorm. :)

11. I also love it when those same people get carried away and mow their neighbors lawn because... why not?  

12. Seeing kids share. That's such a cool thing to watch. I remember in school when we would trade parts of our lunch or when your friend would take the heat for something you did because they knew that your mom would just freak out if she ever heard about that stunt you pulled. Kids are awesome.

13. Flowers. Even if it's a dandelion, I love seeing a flower on the table and knowing that Nick was thinking of me at some point in the day. 

What makes YOU happy about others?

Aunie Sauce


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