Tuesday, April 24, 2012

What To Expect: Hits and Misses

There's a book out there that you may have heard of. It goes by many names. "The Pregnancy Bible", "The Best Book Ever. Seriously." and "I'm Not Sure What I'm Doing So I'll Check My Book."

It's more commonly referred to as "What To Expect When You're Expecting".

Now, there's a lot of really great information in that book. It saved my life when I was working with fighting with my first OB/GYN (who was a total jackhole, by the way) and I just could NOT get any answers out of her. However, I've found that while their information is sound, their illustrations aren't always the picture of reality.

For example:

How many of your have experienced those oh-so-fun leg cramps that come with your pregnancy? Everyone? Of course you have. They're inevitable.
And how many of those leg cramps made it feel like your leg was imploding? All of them? Of course they did.

So, here's the illustration Heidi Murkoff provides in her book about how to "Stretch Away Leg Cramps":

Oh, Heidi. You must be mistaken. Nobody on God's green earth would be that cool, calm and collected while trying to stretch one of those mothers away. You must have meant for the picture to look like this:

That's better.

I could spend hours fixing those silly illustrations to something more realistic. But, I won't. Mostly because I don't have the patience for it and my bum is falling asleep as I type this. At any rate, don't rely on those darned illustrations for realistic expectations of how pregnancy will be. I know, I know... in the end, you get a cute little prize. However, that comes with its own barrel of fun.

Anyway... Happy Tuesday!

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  1. glad i finally got the chance to stop by =)
    and i loved your revamp of the leg cramp stretch. hilarious. i wasnt the most pleasant pregnant person either... i dont get the whole glowing pregnancy thing. my mom said "I loved being pregnant." Set aside the 70lbs i gained and the 4 months of throwing up I did..i couldnt breathe, i got restless leg syndrome where it felt like my skin was crawling all night long, i got preeclampsia, i needed help turning over or getting out of bed...
    but yes, the love in the end is worth it.. even if it is tainted with whining and crying and complaining (hence my last blog post).. =)


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