Monday, April 16, 2012

28 Weeks

Alexa is getting so BIG.
And strong.
Which, consequently, is turning me into a blimp.

According to my handy dandy little
she is now blinking, coughing, hiccupping, and 
THAT is crazy!
What is she dreaming about, I wonder?
Does she try to picture my face as much as I'm trying to picture hers?

More updates:

LBS Gained: About 20. Great googly-moogly! I even had a Facebook app call me a "Lard Factory." Sweet.

Sleep: Not so much. Now, not only am I an insomniac, I can't get comfortable anyway. So, even if I COULD sleep, I wouldn't be able to. Just chalk it up to one of the many reasons I'm a [huge] grump.

Recent Cravings: I was chastised a bit for drinking so much Coke at my last doctor's appointment. So, I'm limiting myself to one soda a week. It's been MURDER. And, I've recently developed a craving for Starbursts and popsicles. Do they have Starburst flavored popsicles? OMGrapefruit that would be amazing...

Moods: I don't have as many mood swings [I think.] But, I do still cry for no apparent reason. Poor Nick. He does the best he can to try to figure out what my problem is this time. Unfortunately, there isn't always a reason. However, I've noticed that my sarcasm is through the roof. Sometimes I go back and reread something that I've written and I think, "Holy mackerel! I'm hilarious!"

Anyways, that's about it for new things in my preg-a-nent basket. 

But wait!

I want to welcome any new followers I may have gained because of the lovely Aunie's post yesterday.
Have a happy Monday!



  1. You look great Michelle! I love your blog posts. By the way, by 28 weeks I'd gained 30 pounds this pregnancy. Just sayin'... :) You're doing awesome.

    1. Yowza! My doc told me that I was only supposed to gain 20 pounds total. Haha. Whoops.

  2. Hi There Michelle,

    Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog! I love your blog.. I was where you are last year this time, you look great Honey cause let me tell you I looked like I lived in the buffet line at golden corral by 28 weeks. That was me at the 30+ mark too... : )

    1. HAHA! Oh, dear. Trust me, If we had a Golden Corral, I'd dig it. :)

      Thanks for coming to say hi! I look forward to trying out your recipes!


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