Thursday, March 8, 2012

Thursday 13

The Top 13 Things I Would Want on a Desert Island are:

1. Nick. Of course  I would want him there with me. He's amazing! He's brave, strong and gets this super cute look on his face when he's concentrating. He can hunt, build stuff, and, above all, keep the sniveling pregnant lady company.

2. Stuff to distill water. Chances are, the water around the island will be salty, and therefore undrinkable. 

3. Stuff to hunt WITH. Thanks, Nick. (He found out that this was the Thursday 13, and has started spouting off ideas for me. hehe.) Preferably something more than a sharpened stick. Like an AR-15. Or at least a machete. And a fishing pole.

4. Books. I'm sure there will be tons of things to occupy my time on this island (what with our survival at stake) but I may get bored. So, books a plenty!

5. Stuff to occupy NICK with. Currently he is throwing little mints at me for his own entertainment. So, to avoid this same situation with coconuts, we should give him something to play with, too. Like... a monkey. Or my iPhone so he can play Angry Birds or Temple Run. Aaaaaallll day.

6. Shampoo. I absolutely hate having greasy, dirty hair. And, while it may not be a necessity, this is MY list. I must be clean. It helps to improve my mood.

7. Sunscreen. While Nick may have been blessed with beautiful Native American skin, I am still a pasty, white girl and burn easily. Curse you, fair complexion! 

8. Music. I love my music, and I could very literally go insane without it. So, while I'm out gathering berries or firewood, I'd be jamming out on my iPod. Hecks yes.

9. Rope. Lots and lots of rope. Then we can build shelters, traps, and tie each other up when we get annoyed. Erm.. I mean, of course not.

10. Medicine. There will come a time that one of us (ie: me) will become sick. Like, deathly sick. Like, bitten by a rabid monkey sick. Gotta have supplies for that, man. You just can't be too careful.

11. Flint and Steel. Like most deserts, it will probably get cold at night, and we'll need some way to cook all the awesome food that Nick hunted. Fire is a necessity.

12. A Camera. Come on, a desert island? There's probably some seriously gorgeous stuff out there. And, even though it's a death trap and we'll probably never get off, it'd be cool to have some pictures to capture the happier times.

13. Toilet Paper. I know, there won't be any toilets per se, but I am NOT using a leaf. Nooooo thank you.

Aunie Sauce


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