Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Apologies, Videos, and Baby Kicks

It's been a while
since I blogged last. 
My apologies.
I've been sick. 
(Have I mentioned that being pregnant sucks?)

But I wanted to take a very short amount of your time
to show you a movie.

This movie.

It is a 30 minute long
documentary/cryfest about a man.
Joseph Kony.

Now, normally I'm not a very political person.
I don't "get involved" so to speak.
But I will for this. 
This man is, to put it simply,
Please take a few minutes to watch this powerful video
and support Invisible Children.

In other news...
Nick can feel Alexa kick now! 
He is SO happy.
And so relieved that she doesn't "hate daddy."
Of course she doesn't.
She's just too little.

Anyway, whenever I tell him that she's awake in there
he comes running over to put his hands on my belly.
The look on his face when he felt her for the first time was

I promise I'll post pictures of my belly soon. 
I don't have any cute ones yet.

I'm doing well in my "hair therapy" goal.
It's driving me crazy not to have complete control over my mane
but I'm getting by.
I am in desperate need of creative hair ideas, though.
Especially for shoulder-length
a-line bobs.
WHY did I cut my hair that way? 


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