Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Awkward Years

Oh man.
This link up was WAY too funny to not participate in.
I just HAD to...
But, not only because I thought it was funny.
It's because I have this over abundance of awkward photos.
Let me show you...

Exhibit A. Now, you may not initially see anything awkward about this, but I will enlighten you. First and foremost, I am the oldest in this picture. By a good... oh... three years? Secondly, our theatre getup with those hideous bow ties. NOBODY liked wearing them. And third, I'm NOT chewing any gum. So, I'm not quite sure what that shiny thing in my mouth is. 

Okay, now, I'll admit that we DID do this on purpose. This picture still makes me laugh and I will cherish it until the day that I die, but it is incredibly awkward. The class we were in, Sociology, was probably one of the most boring classes I have ever had to suffer through. Naturally, to alleviate that boredom, a friend and I put scotch tape on our noses and took a horrendous amount of pictures. IN CLASS. 

Nothing is more awkward for me than singing. Granted, I love to sing. Love it. But I just don't know what to do with my ARMS. So, consequently, they just dangle there. Lifeless and awkward. 

Okay, so this picture makes me laugh, too. Sometimes I really enjoy my awkward pictures. Here's the story: A friend and I were video chatting with a seemingly VERY poor internet connection. We were constantly being disconnected. I got so frustrated. This is how my face froze on her screen for a good half hour. Now, mind you, we were still talking. This was just all she was seeing. Nice.

Back to the theatre we go. Now, this picture isn't very awkward, but the aftermath of it is. See those little dots on my face? I had originally put "freckles" on with eyeliner prior to coming to work, but because working with hot popcorn makes me sweaty, it all faded off. A friend of mine came up with this genius idea to use PERMANENT MARKER to draw on the freckles. Needless to say, those freckles were stuck there for three days after Halloween. 

This picture speaks volumes about how uncoordinated I am. We were trying to do one of those "ninja kick" pictures. We tried roughly... I dunno... a million times. This is what we eventually settled for.

Last but not least. Another awkward singing picture, but I'm enhancing my awkwardness by making a ridiculous face. I don't remember, but I can only hope that I'm doing this on purpose...

What are YOUR awkward moments?

Aunie Sauce



  1. i love your theater photos! They're perfect :) thanks for linking up! ♥

    1. I really enjoy your link ups. :) Thanks for providing them so I can shamelessly promote myself.

  2. The last photo is by far my favorite! <3

    Miranda Leigh

    1. Haha. Mine, too. That's why I saved it for last. :)

  3. Hahah! Love these! The face you're making in that last picture, I make that face all the time. Paha!


    - Katelyn

    1. It was a good idea for a link up! I was super excited to participate.

  4. Giggling over the frozen face picture! If my friend's face was stuck like that I would be laughing the entire time... ahahha! thanks for linking up girl! xo

  5. These were great! I love the last one. You "hope it was on purpose" LOL


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