Sunday, March 18, 2012

Exercise and Swollen Cankles

I'm 24 weeks pregnant now.
On some levels, it seems to have flown by.
On others...
it's totally dragging.

I now have the joy of swollen feet and
My legs have always been my best feature.
I'm a runner for heaven's sake!
It depresses me to have these hippo feet
and elephant legs.
But I know that this, too, shall pass.

My belly button is all sticky outy now. 
That's not exactly attractive.
I've been reading about how some men find the pregnant body
"the sexiest kind of body for a woman." 
Are they high??
I look at myself in the mirror after a shower, and all I can think is,
"OMG. Put your clothes ON."
But even clothes can't mask my rotund belly.

Apart from crying about my deteriorating self image
I've been doing a LOT better at working out.
I can't really run anymore.
(I look/feel awkward.)
But, I do go on a lot of walks and use the elliptical at the YMCA.
I also do select TurboFire workouts.

Music is essential to my routine.
I have to have the right "pump you up" jams to get me through, sometimes.
A lot of them aren't very "worky outy" but they do have a killer beat that I can keep up with
while I'm huffing and puffing on the elliptical.

My playlist is so widespread.
I have everything from Cradle of Filth
to Miley Cyrus.
I'm not very picky when it comes to music.
If it hits a mood I've ever been in
or gets me to dance
I love it.

What kinds of music do you listen to while you exercise? 
How did you deal with pregnancy blues?


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