Saturday, March 10, 2012

Sick Daze and Sock Bunz

Sorry, folks. 
Still no bump pictures.
Why, you ask?
Because for the past week I've had this awful, phlegm-y, hacking cough, with body aches
and nausea to boot.
But, the real kicker?

So, needless to say, I've been a real joy to be around.
My mom, (bless her heart) since Nick has been out of town, has been running around getting me medicine and soup and offering to do my dishes.
She's the best mom ever.

I've pretty much quarantined myself in my apartment. 
I've been super cold and unable to keep anything down.
But suddenly,
like, 10 minutes ago,
I got really warm.
REALLY warm.
Like, OMGOSH thirsty.
I think I'm on my third glass of water in ten minutes.
Hopefully that means I'm getting better.

Have you ever been super sick
to the point where you have, like, no energy
to even make yourself a pb&j
much less shower?
So, consequently, you don't shower for days?
I feel much better after showering.
But not jump-up-for-joy-and-shout-hooray better.

On another note:
I'm trying this "Sock Bun" method of curling my hair.
I will also not be taking any pictures of me with this in since it doesn't look nearly as cute on me
as it does on her.
And by "not nearly as cute" I mean, it looks terrible.
But, anyways, I'll let you know how it turns out in the morning.
Because my hair is shoulder length, it may not turn out very cute.



  1. Hope you feel better soon! I'm really glad you don't have a fever... that can be scary when you're pregnant.

    1. No kidding. But at least a fever would help me decide what this crapfest is.


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