Sunday, October 10, 2010

Tune my heart to sing thy praise

Sundays are, by far, my favorite day of the week. Especially this Sunday.

I talked about the importance of the sacrament a few days ago, but I'm going to reiterate. The Atonement and Sacrament are THE greatest gifts the Lord has given to us. It simply bewilders me why anyone who is worthy would pass up such a magnificent opportunity. Even more confusing is why someone would put off repentance so that they can once again become worthy to partake. Even missing a few short weeks of the Sacrament is a few weeks too many for me. This Sunday was the first in a little while since I've been able to, and it was the most glorious event I have ever been a part of. I could feel the Savior cradling me in His arms, and whispering, "Welcome back, Michelle. I have missed you, and I love you."

My smile is nearly permanent now. Sure, I have gotten frustrated, but those feelings don't linger like they used to. They don't consume me. I deal with it in a more spiritual fashion. The power of prayer is real. The Lord knows your pain and your heart. He is only waiting for you to ask. So, why don't we? Why push away the help that never fails?

Sometimes the easiest questions are the ones that cannot be answered.

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