Tuesday, October 5, 2010

For a waiting world in need...

Today was a struggle. Waking up this morning with an "I-can-make-my-day-awesome-if-I-want" attitude seemed to open the floodgates to numerous trials.

For one, I didn't hear from a single one of my friends today. At the risk of sounding conceited, that's unusual. However, my smile stayed on my face, and I told myself that they were all living their own lives, and I should live mine.

Then, I worked with some pretty cranky people. It was apparently very clear to them that everything that had ever gone wrong with their phone was somehow my fault. Nevertheless, I smiled my way through it, helped them the best I could, and sent them on their way. I probably could have handled it without a problem if it was only one or two people. But, since it was nearly every customer I interacted with, it got a little draining.

However, I was bound and determined to go on a walk once I got home. I plugged in my iPod, turned on some old EFY songs, and headed out to my park. What had appeared to be a bugless day was then turning into a mosquito-infested evening, and I was quickly discovered as a main course. So, I turned around, got some bug spray, and left for my walk again.

I often find myself at the tire swings when I visit that park, and this time was no different. I sat down for a little while, letting the music wash over me, and soaking in the beauty of the season. Then, out of nowhere, I felt complete and utter peace. I looked around and saw several families playing with their children, or walking their dog, and thought to myself, "I can teach these people. It's my job to spread this happiness. I'm going on a mission."

As I type this, my happiness consumes me. I have purpose, and I can change the world. My voice is small, but it will be heard. I will go and do.

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