Monday, June 18, 2012

Maternity Mondays: 37 Weeks

Okay, so, I know that I said I'd post more pictures of my belly, and lately I, well.... haven't. Too bad! I'm pretty sure I won't be posting anymore pictures of myself until after this kid makes her debut. The plan is to take a before hospital/after birth picture, but we'll just have to wait and see.

Anyway, I'm full term! YAY! Every morning I wake up mildly disappointed that I didn't go into labor the night before. "Baby," I say, "It's okay to come out now. Seriously. What are you waiting for?" Then she wiggles all over the place and makes me die a little inside. "Baby," I say, "If you're so uncomfortable, you can COME OUT. You'll have a room all to yourself! ...and a body." But, apparently all she hears is that Charlie Brown "wah-wah" and completely disregards whatever the heck I'm saying.

I've attempted to do some of those DIY labor induction techniques. HA! That was a headache and a half. Someone actually suggested that I do jumping jacks. Jumping jacks! What the heck EVER. I literally have to roll myself out of bed in the morning and you want me to do jumping jacks? I actually laughed in their face and went on with my day as if I hadn't heard the most ridiculous theory in the history of ridiculous theories. But, I've managed to delude myself into thinking that, because it hurts so much when I sneeze, perhaps Nick should make me sneeze once I go into labor and the baby will just pop out. Don't laugh at me. It's worth a shot, anyway.

Latest Fears: That I'm going to need an episiotomy. (Google that nastiness. I am NOT posting a picture.) Just the thought of it makes me hurt and I'm pretty sure it makes Nick light-headed enough to faint. 

Latest Cravings: Labor. ...and Cheetos.

Latest Realizations: In approximately two weeks there will be a baby in this house and I have no idea what I'm doing. 

Latest Bout of Craziness: Recently I cleaned the entire house. I'm not sure why. I just decided that everything needed to be, like, sterile. So, I spent ALL DAY cleaning and then Nick came home from his landscaping job and walked all over the place in his dirty boots and I just about LOST my junk. Sorry, babe. I still love you.

Anyways, happy Monday!

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  1. This post is really sweet. Don't worry, when she finally decides she's ready to come out, you'll know exactly what to do. As far as cleaning - I used to nest like crazy before both of my daughters came. And I used to freak out when someone would mess up my nice, clean, sterile house. :)


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