Friday, June 29, 2012

Just Because Fridays: Link Up, Anyone?

My dear readers,

I want to play a game with you. What are you doing on Tuesdays? Nothing? Perfect! Why don't you swing by my neck of the woods and link up with me for a brand new game called...

Tuesdays Confessions

It doesn't have to be big. I don't want your deepest, darkest secrets. I don't want something you've never told anyone else. We don't need anyone being offended or angry. All I want is something fun, unusual, or downright strange about yourself, your pets, or your family.

For instance, I can't cross my eyes. Like, I physically cannot. I don't know why and I've always wanted to learn now. But, alas, I can't. 

So, come on back here every Tuesday and link up with me for some silliness. Spread the word about your blog, and meet some pretty awesome people along the way. Whaddya say?

Aunie Sauce

young and restless

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  1. Thanks for linking up today with the Restless hop!
    Your blog is too cute!


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