Thursday, June 28, 2012

Am I The Only One?

Another day, another linky party. Yay! Sometimes, they're just too much fun to pass up. Like this one from Five30Three.


*Am I the only one who can't say "Aluminum" correctly? I swear to Pete that every time I try, it comes out "Alunimum." I am not joking.

*Am I the only one who has a burning hatred for the women who have given birth before me? EVEN if their due date was about four months ago? Nothing personal, ladies. I'm sure I'll get over it once I pop, too.

*Am I the only one who wasn't a tummy sleeper before pregnancy, but has decided to sleep that way every night for a month afterward JUST because I can?

*Am I the only one who, at nearly 39 weeks pregnant, wants to kill someone instinctively because they reached in front of me at the grocery store instead of saying, "Excuse me" like a decent human being?

*Am I the only one who starts a movie and then immediately pulls out my laptop because I'm already bored?

Anyone? No? Just me, then. Cool. 

Happy Thursday!



  1. I love all these! I had the same due date, December 18, as a family friend and she had her baby the last week of December. I was 9 days late, still had to be induced, went through a loooong labor process from 6 am - 10 pm and finally met my little on on December 27. I cried everyday from the 18-27 just wanting to get him out of me already. And don't even get me started on what a huge bi-atch I was as I was approaching week 42 of pregnancy. "Oh when are you due?" Um, 10 days ago...and stop calling me, texting me, facebook messaging me, etc.

    I was a tummy sleeper and it felt so good to get back to that position.

    Hang in there. All the stress and annoying things won't matter when you meet your little one soon!

  2. You're not! I totally feel that way some days!


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