Monday, November 1, 2010

Look and Live

Oh, this weekend was so SO good. And by "good", I mean stellar. James, Daniel, Nichole and I had the opportunity to attend a YSA dance on Saturday night in The Cities, as well as their single's ward on Sunday. It was a powerful experience for me. (Although, I was hecka jealous of James while he was reconnecting with his fellow EFY counselors. I wish I could have been there.)

Sunday was, for the most part, incredibly uplifting. Not only was I able to feel of the Spirit during church, the car ride home was equally as edifying. James and I (with the occasional comment from the back seat) had some pretty awesome conversations while listening to our collection of EFY music. We sang along and discussed our favorite lyrics as well as most spiritual experiences at EFY.

I may or may not have taken some wrong turns on purpose to make it last longer.

There was a particular song that James introduced me to that I just fell in love with. I believe he said it was on the 2003 CD. It was called, "It Passes All My Understanding". Unfortunately, I can't find the lyrics anywhere, but the song is absolutely beautiful. I highly recommend a visit to YouTube to listen to it. :)

One final thought: There was a talk given this Sunday by a young woman that really struck me. She spoke about President Monson's talk entitled, "Charity Never Faileth." While I had the privilege of hearing that talk from the Prophet's mouth, it was wonderful to have it recounted. She said that there were only two emotional "come froms" in our lives: from love, or from fear. Everything we do or say, how we act, and who we associate with all stems back to those two emotions. That, ladies and gentlemen, is powerful stuff.

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  1. Here are the lyrics!


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