Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Knights of the Kiddie Table

As I sit down to write this, my daughter is in her little swing next to me sleeping the day away. Lucky duck. Despite the fact that I'm exhausted, I still haven't managed to perfect the art of falling asleep at the drop of a hat. Hopefully I'll learn soon, otherwise I'll simply pass out. Either way, I'll sleep eventually.

Oh, perfect. She just loaded up her pants. That will be fun for me later. You see, I say "later" because she's not an all-at-once-r. No, she likes to make a mess in her diaper in strategically planned intervals. Just when I think she's finished and I go to change her... WHAM. Pee everywhere.  Luckily for me, I figured her little scheme out before I changed a poopy one. 

But, seriously, Alexa has been wonderful as far as infants go. Yeah, she wakes up in the middle of the night wanting food, but what baby doesn't? She's actually a pretty mellow kid. I am extremely lucky. Sure, my body needs a little extra sleep to heal up from a major surgery, but I'm dealing.

I've noticed that there is this unspoken mom club that you join once you have your first kid. Moms everywhere will rally together to give you advice or share little secrets with you. Sometimes, yes, they overstep their bounds, but most of the time it's all in the name of learning and coping. Facebook has become one of my biggest ally's. Got a problem? Post a status asking all the moms out there what they would do. Check back in ten minutes. Twelve responses. Perfect!

So, this post is to thank all the moms out there who have graciously accepted me as a fellow Knight of the Kiddie Table. Thanks for saying how adorable my baby is. (I know.) Thanks for all your advice. (Most of it has worked perfectly.) And, lastly, thanks for remembering what it was like to be a new, scared and completely lost mommy. 

And now, without further adieu, here's some pictures of my awesomely cute baby.

Happy Wednesday!

Oh, P.S., The doctor told me today that we don't have to wake her up in the middle of the night for her to eat anymore because she's gained 10 ounces in a week! Holy poop! I mean, I knew that she had been eating a lot, but wow! I'm glad she can't exactly understand me yet, because during her many feedings I'll change the words to the Hungry Hungry Hippos jingle to Hungry Hungry Babies. Tee-hee.

Okay, bye for realz.

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  1. She's adorable and cannot believe how big she is getting! Glad to hear you are doing well too!

  2. She's gorgeous! And I totally get it on the advice thing it's wonderful isn't it?? Mine is starting to sleep for longer intervals at a atime which is nice cuz maybe now I can train MYSELF how to go to sleep at the same time my hubster does hahaha we've been doing shifts for the last month and a half.

    P.S. the diaper thing? Yeah.....that's happening here too hahahaha ;)

  3. congrats! alexa is beautiful :) p.s. i love your're hilarious!

    xo brie

  4. Recently new reader---but congratulations! Hope you head over to our baby week at The Chirping Moms,, to see some great posts and giveaways every day all week!



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